Cranberries – Empty tab ver. 2

The Cranberries – Empty

Tabbed by Uchiha23


2 x  Piano :  A  E  B  |  G#  D#  B  | A  C#  B |  A  C#  B

With Piano & Violin, the guitar plays these broken chords

2 x        :      Esus4  |  G#m   |   A   |  A   |

Then the guitar plays these Chords normally

2 x        :      Esus4  | G#m/B  |  A   |   A   |

Esus4        G#m/B
Something has left my life 
and i don't know where it went to (oh oh ooh)

Esus4   G#m/B
Somebody caused me strife
and it's not what i was seeking
         Esus4              G#m/B
Didn't you see me, didn't you hear me
          A                           Esus4
Didn't you see me standing there (oh oh ooh)

Why did you turn of the lights
Did you know that i was sleeping?
Am   C             G
Say a prayer for me (eeeh)
Help me to feel the strenght i did

Am C                   G
My identity has it been taken
           Em             Am           C
is my heart breaking on me (eeh) all my plans
               G                          Em
fell through my hands, they fell trough my hands

       Am           C
Only he (eeh) all my dreams  
           G                  Em
it suddenly seems, it suddenly seems

      Am      C       G        Em
 Empty hie hie hie hie hie hie 
      Am      C       G        Em
 Empty hie hie hie hie hie hie 

Ending: Am
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