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Cranberries – Delilah tab

The Cranberries - DELILAH

Okay, this song sounds good. I hope you've heard it. 
(I'm sure you did)

This is what the (leading) electric guitar plays:

(as heard by me)

A5, C5, A5, C5, A5, C5, G5, F5

d d d u d de|--------------------------||B|--------------------------||G|------5--5--5--5----------||D|-7-7--5--5--5--5----------||A|-7-7--3--3--3--3----------||E|-5-5----------------------|| >>>3 times and then
>>>you play: d d d d d de|--------------------------||B|--------------------------||G|--------------------------||D|-5-5--3-3-3-3-------------||A|-5-5--3-3-3-3-------------||E|-3-3--1-1-1-1-------------||
The bass, probably goes like this:
(as thought by me) I hope you liked it. That's it. That's the song. About the text--I can't write it down cause I don't got the whole lyrics, but there is a good part somewhere at the end that is sung like this: "delilah!, delilah!, delilah!, push me!, push me!" She has a good voice doesn't she? tabbed by Davor Stojanovski
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