Cranberries - Yeats Grave tab

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Artist : Cranberries
Song   : Yeat's Grave


Cm/G B flat/F B flat/D repeat once, then

Cm B flat6 Gm repeat once, then do this (singing starts now):

Cm B flat6 Gm Cm
Silence by death in the grave da da da da

B flat6 Gm Cm
William Butler Yeats couldn't save da da de da

B flat6 Gm Cm
Why did you stand here were you sickened in time but I know by now

B flat6 Gm B flat
Why did sit here, ah_________ in the

Cm B flat6 E flat/G Gm
grave in the grave in the grave

B flat 6 E flat/G Gm
in the grave

Cm B flat6 Gm

Spoken part:

Fm7 Gm7
What should I blame her, that she filled my days with misery

or that she would have late have taught to ignorant men most violent 

Fm7 Gm7
ways or hurled the little streets upon the great

Had they but courage equal to desire

at the end of the speaking part go all the back to "Silenced by death..."
and repeat until the very last "in the grave" then it goes to the "la da da
da" part and chords are like this:

Cm Gm/B flat Gm 
La da da da la da da da la da da da da da da repeat, then:

B flat6 Gm Cm B flat6
William Butler William Butler William Butler

William Butler

Fm Gm Cm Gm
spoken: Why should I blame her, had they the courage equal to desire.

Fm9 Gm Cm
William Butler, William Butler, William Butler.

The spoken part of this song is "No Second Troy" written by William Butler
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