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From: (Dave Hornidge)

	Here is a song called "Androgynous" done by The Crash Test Dummies.
The song was originally done by The Replacements but I don't have that

			 By The Crash Test Dummies
   			 (originally by The Replacements)

This is how I play the intro and verse:

       G		   D		     Em		       C

E|----3--3-------3--3-----2--2-----2--2-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0-------0--0-|B|----3--3-------3--3-----3--3-----3--3-----0--0-----0--0-----1--1-------1--1-|G|----0--0-------0--0-----2--2-----2--2-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0-------0--0-|D|----0--0-------0--0--0-----0-----0--0-----2--2-----2--2-----2--2--0p2-----2-|A|----2--2--0p2-----2-----------0-----------2--2--2-----2--3-----3----------3-|E|-3-----3----------3--------------------0-----0--------0---------------------| d u d u d u d u d u d u d u d u
d means strum down u means strum up Sorry I don't have the chorus. Corrections and/or comments are welcome. Dave Hornidge ( From: (Brian Mauch) ANDROGYNOUS written by The Replacements as performed by the Crash Test Dummies Play with capo on 3rd fret. Intro and verse in tablature: G D Em C
E|----3--3-------3--3-----2--2-----2--2-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0-------0--0-|B|----3--3-------3--3-----3--3-----3--3-----0--0-----0--0-----1--1-------1--1-|G|----0--0-------0--0-----2--2-----2--2-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0-------0--0-|D|----0--0-------0--0--0-----0-----0--0-----2--2-----2--2-----2--2--0h2-----2-|A|----2--2--0h2-----2-----------0-----------2--2--2-----2--3-----3----------3-|E|-3-----3----------3--------------------0-----0--------0---------------------| d u d u d u d u d u d u d u d u
d means strum down, u means strum up. Intro: G D Em C Verse: G D Here comes Dick, he's wearing a skirt Em C Here comes Jane you know she's sportin' a chain G Same hair, a revolution D Same build, evolution Em C Tomorrow who's gonna fuss? D C G And they love each other so, androgynous D C Closer than you know, love each other so, androgynous Well don't get him wrong, and don't get him mad He might be a father but he sure ain't a dad And she don't need the advice that is sent to her She's happy with the way she looks, she's happy with her gender And they love each other so, androgynous Closer than you know, love each other so, androgynous Bridge: C Em Mirror image, see no damage, see no evil at all C Em Cupie dolls and urine stalls will be laughed at D The way you're laughed at now Something meets boy and something meets girl They both look the same, they're overjoyed in this world Same hair a revolution Unisex evolution Tomorrow who's gonna fuss? And tomorrow Dick is wearing pants, Tomorrow Jane is wearing a dress Future outcasts and they don't last And today people dress the way that they please They way they tried to do in the last centuries And they love each other so, androgynous Closer than you know, love each other so, androgynous --- Compiled by Brian Mauch with help from Dave Hornidge and Peter Palmer
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