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Crash – Muse tab

The Crash - Muse

B6 Riff1 Bm7E-4----x-x--6-7----2-|B-4----4-5--x-x----0-|G-4----4-4--4-4----2-|D-4----4-4--4-4----0-|A------2-2--2-2----2-|E------------------x-|
intro: B6 verse: Riff1 To write these words Riff1 To praise this world G#m F# E To take these chords...I need you To sing this song Riff1 I bring you on G#m F# E Then I sing along with you chorus: B D#m Em F# B Me. I love you 'till I die and born again B D#m Em F# B Bm (Then) we meet again, a boy and a girl, the same again verse I hear these notes I feel these tones They're flesh and bone...I follow you I sing this song I bring you on Then I sing along with you chorus Bm F# A Bm7 Bm F# A Bm7 B chorus end on Bm --
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