Cool Jerk chords with lyrics by Creation - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Creation – Cool Jerk chords

Intro:piano/Bass Riff:

D A A A D A A ACool jerk, Cool jerk,
Cool jerk, Cool jerj,
D A D A C A A D D ASee your cat really do the cool jerk
See your cat really get off the cool jerk
G GThis cat i'm a talkin'about,who can it be,
D D D DI know i'm the heaviest cat that ever could be
Bm BmWhen you see me walkin'down the street,finest cat on the beat,
GThe cats gotta see her,
AI'm the king of the cooool jerrk! N/C
D A D A Cool jerk (everybody),Cool jerk (clap your hands)
D A D ACool jerk (take it easy),Cool jerk (keep it cool)
D ACool jerk (Ahh wanna hear them drums)
D A D N/CCool jerk (playing all by themself) DRUMS ONLY:
(Now give me a little Bass,play it with your fingers);Bass riff: (Give me a little bit of guitar)Guitar riff:
D D D D D D A A A D D D D D D A A A (There you are)
D ACool jerk (see ya one time)
Cool jerk (baby oh your mine) Cool jerk (come on over baby) Cool jerk (baby can you here me)
D A D A DCan you do it,can you do it,can you do it,can you do it'can you do it,
A D D Acan you do it,cool cool jerk
D ACool jerk,(alright)
Cool jerk (that's nice) (Cool jerk) D A D A D. END
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