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Album: Weathered


e-----------------------|Mark |-(3)~~--------|b-----------------------|does some |--------(3)~~-|g-----------------------|harmonics |--------------|d---0h1-0---0h1--0--1~~-|after this |--------------|a-1-------1--------1----|then repeats |--------------|E-----------------------|it:: |--------------|
Verse Gm7 F A#5 A#e-----------------------------------111-11-|b------------------------3----------111-11-|g-------3--------------3---3-----3--333-33-|d-----3----3--------3--------3---3--333-33-|a---5--------5---3---------------1--111-11-|E-3----------------------------------------|
Chorus A#-F this two chords and then the verse figure Note: the intro is also used as a bridge
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