Crosby Stills Nash And Young – Four Dead In Ohio tab

This is a protest song about the deaths of the Ohio Massacre:
   -Allison Krause
   -Jeff Miller
   -Sandra and William Schroeder
   The students were protesting the invasion of Cambodia.

D5 F C(I) D5 F C(I) D|-------------------------|-------------------------| B|--3----3--3--------------|--3----3--3--------------| G|--0h2--2--0-----0--------|--0h2--2--0-----0--------| D|-------------3--------0--|-------------3-----------| A|-------------------3-----|-------------------3-----| D|-------------------------|-------------------------|
Verse: D5 F C Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, D5 F C We're finally on our own D5 F C This Summer I hear them drumming, D5 F C Four dead in Ohio Chorus: Gm7 C Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down Gm7 C Should have been done long ago Gm7 C What if you knew her and, found her dead on the ground Gm7 C How can you run when you know? (main riff) Verse: La la la la, la la, la la La la la la, la la, la La la la la, la la, la la La la la la, la la, la
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