Cross Canadian Ragweed – Cold Hearted Woman tab

Drop D tuning

I---------------------------------------0--I I---------------------------------------3--II---------------------------------------2--II------0--0--0--3-0---0-0-3/5-5-0-5\3-3-0--II--0h3-----3--------3---0-3/5-5-0-5\3-3-0--II-----0-----0--0---0----0-3/5-5-0-5\3-3-0--I
D shes got a smile G F D a million miles long I got a trail G F D of cryin and leave ya songs G F D you dont know and you dont care G F D your completely unaware G sometimes I wanna to rip your heart out A to see if somethin's there Chorus D cold hearted woman G F D your bringing me down in flames runnin' around all over town A D runnin' down my name G gonna get me a loaded pistol F D hey, was that out loud cold hearted woman A D Im gonna put you in the ground when the mornin' comes rollin' I can do no wrong when the river stops flowin' she's burnin up the telephone by the time that I find you my money's all down the drain burn it up on cheap motels and eight balls of cocain Chorus D cold hearted woman G F D hey what goes around comes around G I---I F I---I I---I I---I I---I I---I I-5-I I-3-I I-5-I I-3-I I-5-I I-3-I
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