Cross Canadian Ragweed – 17 tab

The asterics are where the fill ins go they are at the bottom

Intro G*C**G*C*
G                               ***
Sirens wail and a flashing light
G                                   C
Nothing better to do on a Tuesday night
But give me hell
G                                    ***
Where ya headed, what are you out for
G                                    C
Don't see much of you 'round here anymore
I guess it's just as well
D                  C
Once upon a time you had it all
D                  C
You let everybody down
D                    C               G*
You're always seventeen in your hometown.

D                   C                      G
Running from your folks, running from the law
D              C                      G                     D
Running from love, running from your fears, running from it all
C             D
You keep on running, boy
        G           G/F#     Em
You'll run yourself in the ground
D                C                G     *  **
You're always seventeen in your hometown

G                                   ***
Her porch swing still looks the same
G                                    C
She probably won't even remember my name
Just like she didn't back then
G                                ***
Is she married, is she doing fine
G                                                  C
Does she known about all the nights I laid awake cryin'
Just to know her hand
D                  C
The door opens and I run away
D		        C
Just like the same old clown
D              C                     G*
You're always seventeen in your hometown

(Repeat Chorus)

* ** * ** (Solo)

Nobody is gonna miss me
G                                   C
No tears will fall, no one's gonna weep
When I hit that road
G                                                            G
My boots are broken, my brain is sore
From keeping up with their little world
I've got a heavy load
D		           C
Gonna leave 'em all just like before
D	      C
I'm big city bound
D              C		     G*
You're always seventeen in your hometown

(Repeat Chorus)

*E--------------------------| B--------------------------| G---4-4-2-0---0-2-4-2-0----| D-----------2-----------2--| A--------------------------| E--------------------------|
** E--------------------------| B--------------------------| G---4-4-2-0---0-2-4-2-0----| D-----------2--------------| A--------------------------| E--------------------------|
***--------3-----| --------3-----| ------0-0-----| -0h2----------| --------------| --------------|
* Bend 1/2 H Hold hold bend .....I----------------------------------------------------|II--------------------0------------------3------------|II------0-*2-0-------0-0--------0-H2--*---(1/2)2-0----|II---0h2-2--------0-2---0----0h2-2--------------------|II----------------------------------------------------|II----------------------------------------------------|I
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