Cross Canadian Ragweed – Long Way Home tab

Intro: D-A-G  (3X) and then : Bm A D

D                A - G          D-A-G
To scared to go to proud to run D A - G D-A-GHere's your orders boy here's your gunD A - G We're sending you off to vietnam Bm A - Dtry to stay cool try to stay calm
(Play Intro Again) D A - G D-A-G
Never seen nothing but that mid-texas dirtD A - G D-A-G Never been on a flyin' machineD A - G Your job now is to take this gun Bm A D and kill everything that you see
Chorus: C G D Its a long way home F C D Its a long, long, long, long way home (Play intro) D A - G D-A-G
Orange in the air and fire on the ground D A - G D-A-GMan them back-up-boys aint nowhere around D A - GAnd theres smoke in the sky and screamin to the sea Bm A Doh God have mercy on me
(Chorus) (Play intro for solo) D A - G D-A-G
Got that medal on your chestD A - G D-A-GNow ya got it made D A - GBut you're going back to the land of protest Bm A - Dand an empty heros parade
(no chords here, just bass and drums) You're wakin up in the dead of night (no chords here, just bass and drums) Screamin out your lungs (no chords here, just bass and drums) You got jungle fires and trip-bomb wires D and blazin red turret guns (chorus) (play intro for outro)
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