Crow Sheryl – The Book tab

-Chords- C#* C#? G* A-1---0---3--5--|-2---0---3--5--|-1---0---4--6--|-0---0---5--7--|-x---x---5--7--|-x---x---3--5--|
E Em E Em E Em E Em I read your book E Em And I find it strange G That I know that girl D That I know her world E Em A little too well E Em And I didn't know E Em By giving my hand G That I would be written down, D sliced around, passed down E E Among strangers hands G D Three days in Rome C#* C#? Where do we go G D I'll always remember E Em Three days in Rome E Em E Em E Em Never again E Em Would I see your face G You carry a pen D and a paper and no time And no words E Em You waste E Em You're a voyeur E Em The worst kind of thief G To take what happened to us D To Write down everything that went on E E Between you and me G D C#* Three days in Rome C#? And I'll stand alone G D I'll always remember E Em Three days in Rome
--Wurlitzer Solo--(Not too sure what a Wurlitzer is but here's the solo tabbed for 6-sting. Just put full bass on your amp and keep turnin' up the gainuntil it sounds close to what's on the CD.) G* A E|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------| {Play twice}|-2--0----0------------2--0---------||-------2---2--------2------2-0-----||-------------------------------3-0-|
E Em And what do I get E Em Do I get revenge G While you let all out D Without any doubt E Em Of how this would end E Em Sometimes it goes E Em Sometimes we come G To learn by mistake D That the love you once made E E Can't be undone G Oh but Three days in Rome D I laid my heart out C#* C#? I laid my soul down alone G D I'll always remember E Three days in Rome
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