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{title:How Will You Go}
{subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}

G Cadd2* Dsus4* Escape is on your mind again Esus4* A* Escape to a far away land G Cadd2 Dsus4 At times it seems there is no end Esus4 A To long hard nights of drinking CHORUS D A How will you go D A How will you go Em G Drive through the wind and the rain D A Cover it up D A Cover it up Em Dsus4 D Dsus4 D I'll find you a shelter to sleep in I fell over on the couch again But you know not all sleep is wasted Your dreams are alcohol inspired You can't find a better way to face it CHORUS A And you know I'll be fine D G Just don't ask me how it's going A Gimme time, gimme time D G Cos I want you to see A Round the world round the world D G A Is a tangled up necklace of pearls CHORDS DURING INSTRUMENTAL BREAK G5/D* Gsus4/D* G/D* Gsus4 (x 4)
GUITAR SOLO:-------|---------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-8>>>3-|-8>>>3---1-0---------|-5>6-5-3----1--3-|-8>>>3---1-0-----||-------|-------------2-0---0-|-----------------|-------------2-0-||-------|-----------------3---|-----------------|-----------------||-------|---------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-------|---------------------|-----------------|-----------------||
CHORUS X 2 * UNUSUAL CHORDS Cadd2 x32022 Dsus4 xx0233 Esus4 020455 A x07655 G5/D xx0033 Gsus4/D xx0013 G/D xx0003
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