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{title:Fall At Your Feet}
{subtitle:N. Finn}

{comment:To match recording, tune guitar down a half-step (all strings)}

{sot}Intro acoustic guitar riff:------------------------|---------------------------||-2---2-2-2---4--4--4--4-|-5---5-5-5---4--4--4--4--4-||------------------------|---------------------------|| repeat------------------------|---------------------------||------------------------|---------------------------||------------------------|---------------------------||{eot}
I'm really close ton[C#m]ight [E] And I feel like I'm [D#m]moving inside [G#]her Lying in the [C#m]dark [E] I think that I'm be[D#m]ginning to [G#]know her Let it [C#m]go [E] I'll be there when you [A]call {soc} Whenever I [E]fall [B]at your [C#m]feet [A] And you let your [E]tears [B]rain down on [C#m]me [A] Whenever I [E]touch [B]your slow turning [C#m]pain [A] {eoc} You're hiding from me [C#m]now [E] There's something in the [D#m]way that you're [G#]talking The words don't sound [C#m]right [E] But I hear them all [D#m]moving in[G#]side you [C#m]Go, I'll be waiting when you [A]call {comment:Chorus} The finger of [E]blame has turned up[B]on itself And I'm [C#m]more than willing to [A]offer myself Do you [E]want my presence or [B]need my help [C#m]Who knows where that might [A]lead I fall at your feet And you let your tears rain down on me Whenever I [A]fall [E] {new_song} {title:Weather With You} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn} # Chord definitions {define D/F# base-fret 0 frets 2 x 0 2 3 0}
{sot}Intro solo over Em A (x 4):----------------------------|---------------|--------------------------|-5^^^^^^--7-8--5^^^^^^--3-0-|-3-2-----------|-5^^^^^^--3>5-7-8-7-5-3-0-|----------------------------|-----2-2--4-0--|--------------------------|----------------------------|---------------|--------------------------|----------------------------|---------------|--------------------------|----------------------------|---------------|--------------------------|
Walking 'round the [Em]room singing Stormy [A]Weather at fifty-[Em]seven Mt. Pleasant [A]St. Now it's the [Em]same room but everything's [A]different You can fight the [Em]sleep but not the [A]dream [Dm]Things ain't [Am]cookin' [Dm]in my [Am]kitchen [Dm]Strange aff[Am]liction wash [F]over me [Dm]Julius [Am]Caesar [Dm]and the Roman [Am]Empire [Dm]Couldn't [Am]conquer the [F]blue sky [G]
{sot}GUITAR (over Em - A)-------------------------------------------------------------||-3>5^^^^--3>5^^^^--7--8--7--5--3--0------------------------5-||--------------------------------------2>4--4--4--4---6--7----||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||{eot}
There's a [Em]small boat made of [A]china Going [Em]nowhere on the mantle[A]piece Do I [Em]lie like a loungeroom [A]lizard Or do I [Em]sing like a bird re[A]leased {soc} Everywhere you [A]go you always take the [D]weather with you Everywhere you [A]go you always take the [D]weather Everywhere you [A]go you always take the [G]weather with you Everywhere you [D/F#]go you always take the weather, Take the [G]weather, the [A]weather with you {eoc}
{sot}GUITAR (over Em - A)-------------------3--5-------------------------------|-3>5^^^^--3>5^^^^-------5^^^^^-12^^^^--10--8--5--3--5-|------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|
Everywhere you [A]go you always take the [D]weather with you Everywhere you [A]go you always take the [D]weather Everywhere you [A]go you always take the [G]weather with you Everywhere you [D/F#]go you always take the [E]weather, Take the [G]weather, the [A]weather with [D]you {new_song} {title:Tall Trees} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}
{sot}INTRO GUITAR RIFF:----------------------------|---------------------7----||--------5--7>5--------5-----|-------5--7>5-----------5-||-4--7-----------4--7-----4--|-4--7----------4--7-------||----------------------------|--------------------------||----------------------------|--------------------------||----------------------------|--------------------------||
INTRO: Em G A (x 2) {eot} [Em]Watch out big [G]ships are [A]waiting [Em]Salt frozen [G]on your [A]cheek [Em]Saw a girl and [G]boy arr[A]iving [Em]And a steamer [G]put out to [A]sea {soc} [G]Tall [A]tree [Em]stand in the distance [G]Re[A]member [Em]when you were [C]green [G]Don't [A]wipe the [Em]salt from your [C]skin You must keep [D]running the distance {eoc} [Em] [G] [A] [Em]Sun sleeps on [G]misty [A]morning [Em]Light years from [G]channel [A]3 [Em]I feel [G]halfway to [A]zero [Em]Call me a hero I might just agree {comment:Chorus}
{sot}[F] [G7] [D]INSTRUMENTAL BREAK -- GUITAR 1 (DISTORTED LEAD)-0>1---------0---------------------------0------||-----------------1----0------0>1-------------3--||-------------------------0----------------------||------------------------------------------------||-------3---------------------------3------------||------------------------------------------------||
GUITAR 2 (RHYTHM GUITAR)-1-----0------1------0-----|-1-----0-----1-----1-----0----|-2-----2---0---||----------1-------------1--|----------1-----------------1-|----3--------3-||---------------------------|----0-----------0-----0-------|---------------||---4-------------4---------|------------------------------|---------------||---------------------------|------------------------------|---------------||---------------------------|------------------------------|---------------||{eot}
And the [D]roses you grow Have a [Dm]powerful scent They'll be [G7]breaking your heart By the [D]morning
{sot} _____ ____________GUITAR SOLO |1. |2.-12-12-|-12--12---9---9--7--7--5--5--0--0-|-3---|-0----------||-12-2--|-12--12--10--10--8--8--5--5--3--3-|-2---|-2---7^^^^^-||------------------------------------------|-----|------------||------------------------------------------|-----|------------||------------------------------------------|-----|------------||------------------------------------------|-----|------------||{eot}
[G]Tall [A]tree [Em]stand in the distance [G]Re[A]member [Em]when you were [C]green [G]Don't [A]wipe the [Em]salt from your [C]skin [G]Tall [A]trees
{sot}GUITAR RIFF (over Em):----------------------||-8--7--5--------------||----------7--4--4--4--||----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||
GUITAR RIFF AGAIN {eot} [G]Tall [A]trees [G]Don't [A]wipe the [Em]salt from your [D]skin You must keep [D]running the distance [G]Tall [A]trees {new_song} {title:Four Seasons in One Day} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn} # Chord definitions {define D/F# base-fret 0 frets 2 x 0 2 3 0} {define Am base-fret 0 frets x 0 x 5 5 7} {define Amb7 base-fret 0 frets x 0 4 5 5 5} {comment:The Am that appears in the intro is only used that one time} {c:Intro} [Em] [D/F#] [G] [Am] [Em]Four seasons [D/F#]in one [G]day [Am]Lying in the [Amb7]depths of your imagination [Em]Worlds above and [D/F#]worlds [G]below The [Am]sun shines on the [Amb7]black clouds Hanging over the do[C]main [Bm]Even when you're feeling [C]warm The [Bm]temperature could drop a[Am]way Like [D]four seasons in one [G]day [Em]Smiling as the [D/F#]shit comes [G]down [Am]You can tell a [Amb7]man from what he has to say [Em]Everything gets [D/F#]turned a[G]round And [Am]I will risk my [Amb7]neck again [C] [Bm]You can take me where you [C]will [Bm]Up the creek and through the [Am]mill Like [Bm]all the things you [C]can't explain [D]Four seasons in one [G]day [C]Blood dries [G]up Like [D]rain, like [Em]rain [C]Fills my [G]cup [D]Like four seasons in one [Em]day [C] [B7] [D/F#] [G] [Am] [Am]It doesn't pay to [Amb7]make predictions [Em]Sleeping on an [D/F#]unmade [G]bed [Am]Finding out wher[Amb7]ever there is comfort There is [C]pain [Bm]Only one step a[C]way Like [D]four seasons in one [G]day [C]Blood dries [G]up Like [D]rain, like [Em]rain [C]Fills my [G]cup [D]Like four seasons in one [Em]day {new_song} {title:Whispers and Moans} {subtitle:N. Finn} {comment:I'm pretty unhappy with this transcription, so I'm going to do } {comment:more work on it, but here's what i have so far. I've had a real } {comment:problem pegging the exact chords for the opening -- even after seeing } {comment:Neil play this song a few times live. Use those chords which appear } {comment:in the intro only during that portion of the song. After that, you} {comment:should use the more traditional fingerings unless otherwise indicated.} {comment:There are "chords" in this that I don't even know the name of. (if} {comment:you do, send them to me at!) I refer to them as G-special(1) } {comment:and G-special(2).} {comment:To match recording, capo on the first fret (up half-step)} [E] [G*] [F#m] [E(2)] [E]Dull dull [G]grey, the [A]colour of our [E]times Cool cool [G]space that [A]I still hope to [E]find [A#+7]Far beyond the [Am7]veil The [C]sound of whispers and [E]moans [G] [A] [E] [E]Slow time [G]bomb, the [A]clamour of the [E]street I hear this [G]town it [A]never goes to [E]sleep And I will [A#+7]catch the taxi driver [Am7]Weeping like a wounded [E]beast
{sot} ________________________________ ___________ |1. |2.--------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------||--------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------||--------------------7--5--|------------------------------5--|------4--2-||---9--7--6----------7-----|---9--7--6------------4>5--7-----|-----------||-7----------7-9-7---------|-7----------9--7--5-5------------|-2-2-------||--------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------|| (B II ---)Chords underneath solo:
E Asus4* Am E D E Asus4 Am B {eot} G G-special(1) G-special(2) Then I wake up in your room C D Share one piece of your life G When tomorrow comes G-special(1) G-special(2) We may not be here at all C D Em A Without your whispers and moans C D Em A Here you come to carry me home C D E G A E A#+7 Am7 E Here you come to carry me home E G Love that sound, time erase A E Tension wheels, cool heels A#+7 Am7 E Won't ya come on open the bid before too long GUITAR SOLO [virtually identical to solo above] I wake up in your room Share one piece of your life I'd give anything to be a fly upon the wall And hear your whispers and moans I like to hear your whispers and moans Here you come to carry me home [Spoken over Em - A - C - D, repeated to fade] We are the mirrors of each other In a lifetime of suspicion Cleansed in a moment, a flash of recognition You gave your life for it Worth its weight in gold and growing empires Art collectors and Alans sound investments Will one day be forgotten, one day be forgotten YEAH! * UNUSUAL CHORDS E(1) 776xxx [when i refer to E(1) and E(2), i mean the first G 355xxx version of an E chord which appears in this song, F#m 544xxx the second version, etc.] E(2) 076xxx A#+7 6766xx Am7 5755xx C 8(10)(10)8xx Asus4 x02230
G-special(1) xx5780G-special(2) xx5680
{new_song} {title:All I Ask} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn} {comment:Capo on 2nd fret to play along with the recording} # Chord definitions {define Asus4/B base-fret 0 frets x 2 2 2 3 5} [Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am]All I [E]ask is to [Am]live each [E]moment [C]Free from the [D9]last Take the [Am]road for[E]gotten Don't [G]leave me here [C]Oh [D9]please let me stray [C]Far [D]from [F]fa-[E]mil[D]iar [E]things [Am] [E] [C]All I [D9]ask is to [Am]live each [E]moment [C]All I [D9]ask is to [Gsus4]live each [G]moment Free from the [C]last [D9] [C]Strange [D9]roads going [Am]nowhere in [E]particular [Am] [E] {c:Instrumental break - E [hold this chord for most of string section break]} [C] [F] [Bb] [Asus4/B] [G] [C]All I [D9]ask is to [Am]live each [E]moment [C]All I [D9]ask is to [Gsus4]live each [G]moment Free from the [C]last [D9] [Gm]Free from the [F]last [C]All [G#]I [C]ask {c:Ride-out - Am E} {new_song} {title:Fame Is} {subtitle:N. Finn} INTRO CHORD: Esus4* B* Bb9* Fork lightning in your hall Ab* G9* Break the skin when you break the fall G D E I'll be the one to fix it up B Bb9 Love children of the new age Ab G9 Just a hippy with a weekly wage G D G A There's no rebellion just a chance to be lazy Em G A Em When fame is in your blood G A Em You follow the science of love G A Em Wave the magic wand F# And hang on The rest of us are living in a daze Keep thinkin' 'bout the choice to be made Here come the handmaidens of end time Lost treasure from a primitive race All the lives written on your face can't fill the canyons of your mind Em G A Em When fame is in your blood G A Em You follow the science of love G A Em Wave the magic wand G F# And hang on G F#
GUITAR (underneath organ, second 1/2 of instrumental break)----------------------||-0--2--3--5--7--8--11-||-0--2--4--6--7--9--11-||----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||
Bm Em Now you've changed and jumbled the pieces Bm Em You've changed but you were better off before Bm Em You talked to a roomful of strangers
GUITAR SOLO (over B - Bb9 - Ab - G9)----7-----7-----7-----7--7>6-|------------------------3-||-0-----0-----0----0----------|-9--9--9--------4--1>0----||-----------------------------|-8--8--8---4>5------------||-----------------------------|--------------------------||-----------------------------|--------------------------||-----------------------------|--------------------------||
G D G A Here come the handmaidens of end time Em G A Em When fame is in your blood G A Em You follow the science of love G A Em Wave the magic wand G A Em And all of your spells will break G A Em And all of your stars will fall G A G A Em So look out for number one G A Em Fame is in your blood G A Em * UNUSUAL CHORDS Esus4 x779(10)7 B 799xxx Bb9 687xxx Ab 466xxx G9 354xxx Em7/B x20000 A/C# x42220 {new_song} {title:As Sure As I Am} {subtitle:N. Finn} {comment:To match recording, tune a half-step down} INTRO: D C D C Make your decision now D C Rely on no help from above D C Living is luxury G Am F I want everything you throw out G Am D I'll do anything you want to Please let me go with you I'll wear the smile on your face Big black and beautiful I want it, everything you throw out There must be something you can do without F# G# C# I am as sure as I am F# And I couldn't care less G# C# For what might go wrong F# And I'm happy as sin G# Bbm G In a fear shaken world I pity the rhino Down there it's becoming extinct Killed for a love potion Sad thing looking like a dead flower I want it, everything that you throw out F# G# C# I am as sure as I am F# And I couldn't care less G# C# For what might go wrong F# And I'm happy as sin G# Bbm Eb Bbm Eb In a fear shaken world G# F# No one will be left G# F# No one will be spared G# F# I'll wear the smile on your face F# G# C# I am as sure as I am F# And I couldn't care less G# C# For what might go wrong F# And I'm happy as sin G# A B A/C#* B/D#* In a fear shaken world, world Bbm Couldn't care less
GUITAR SOLO (over Bbm)----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-------6--6-----------------------|| Repeated with slight variations--6>8--------8>6------------------||------------------8--7>6----------||--------------------------9>6--6--||
LAST CHORD: D# * UNUSUAL CHORDS A/C# x4222x B/D# x6444x *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ || marck bailey |-|-| "i'm the one you want to trust|| || resident fugitive kite |-|-| and i'm the one you want to || ||This is a Bryan Adams-Free Zone. |-|-| trample in dust" - N. Finn || || new album _Strings Attached_ available January 1994 || ========================================================================= From Thu Dec 16 14:24:33 1993 Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 13:24:12 -0600 To: Paul Gantous From: (Marck Bailey) X-Sender: Subject: She.Goes.On Content-Length: 2074 X-Lines: 85 Status: RO She Goes On (N. Finn)
ACOUSTIC GUITAR INTRO:-------|------------------|-------|--------------||-------|----------------0-|-------|--------------||-1-2-2-|-1-2-2--4--2------|-1-2-2-|-1-2-2--4--2--||-2-2-2-|-2-2-2-------4----|-2-2-2-|-2-2-2--------||-------|------------------|-------|--------------||-------|------------------|-------|--------------||
INTRO CHORDS (option to above:) E A E A B E Pretty soon you'll be able to remember her A Lying in the garden singing C#m Ab9/C#* Right where she'll always be B/A A The door is always open E This is the place that I loved her A And these are the friends that she had C#m Ab9/C# Long may the mountain ring B/A A To the sound of her laughter B And she goes on and on CHORUS E A B In her soft wind I will whisper E A B In her warm sun I will glisten E A B Till we see her once again A/C# B In a world without end We owe it all to Frank Sinatra The song was playing as she walked into the room After the long weekend They were a lifetime together Appearing in the eyes of children In the clear blue mountain view Colouring the sky And painting ladders to heaven And she goes on and on CHORUS CHORDS FOR INSTRUMENTAL BREAK Am B E C C B Am B E C C D E A B In her soft wind I will whisper In her warm sun I will glisten And I always will remember In a world without end E A E A B (X 2) * UNUSUAL CHORDS Ab9/C# x42320 A/C# X42220 {new_song} {title:How Will You Go} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}
G Cadd2* Dsus4* Escape is on your mind again Esus4* A* Escape to a far away land G Cadd2 Dsus4 At times it seems there is no end Esus4 A To long hard nights of drinking CHORUS D A How will you go D A How will you go Em G Drive through the wind and the rain D A Cover it up D A Cover it up Em Dsus4 D Dsus4 D I'll find you a shelter to sleep in I fell over on the couch again But you know not all sleep is wasted Your dreams are alcohol inspired You can't find a better way to face it CHORUS A And you know I'll be fine D G Just don't ask me how it's going A Gimme time, gimme time D G Cos I want you to see A Round the world round the world D G A Is a tangled up necklace of pearls CHORDS DURING INSTRUMENTAL BREAK G5/D* Gsus4/D* G/D* Gsus4 (x 4)
GUITAR SOLO:-------|---------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-8>>>3-|-8>>>3---1-0---------|-5>6-5-3----1--3-|-8>>>3---1-0-----||-------|-------------2-0---0-|-----------------|-------------2-0-||-------|-----------------3---|-----------------|-----------------||-------|---------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-------|---------------------|-----------------|-----------------||
CHORUS X 2 * UNUSUAL CHORDS Cadd2 x32022 Dsus4 xx0233 Esus4 020455 A x07655 G5/D xx0033 Gsus4/D xx0013 G/D xx0003 {new_song} {title:Italian Plastic} {subtitle:P. Hester} INTRO: B* Bsus4* B Bsus4 I bring you plates from Rome B Bsus4 You say they look fantastic B Bsus4 I say we're having fun E B Bsus4 Nothing like that Italian plastic I bring you rocks and flowers You say they look pathetic You pick me up at night I don't feel pathetic CHORUS D G When you wake up with me D A I'll be your glass of water D G When you stick up for me D G A B Bsus4 A E Then you're my Bella Bambina
GUITAR SOLO (end of instrumental break; over: B - Bsus4 - A - E)--------------------|-------------------------------|-------------------||--------------------|-------------------------------|-------------------||-8>9--10--11--------|-------------------------------|-11--11------------||--------------9---9-|-9>7---------------------------|-------------------||--------------------|-------------------------------|-------------------||--------------------|-------------------------------|-------------------|| ^^^ (hammer/pull off 16 times) ^^ slide down
I say we're on a trip Looks like we're on vacation I say we're having fun In our little constellation CHORUS D A Then I'll be your Bella Bambino, your man on the moon, I'll be your little boy running with that egg on his spoon, I'll be your soul survivor, your worst wicked friend, I'll be your piggy in the middle, stick with you till the end CHORUS RIDE-0UT CHORDS: Dmaj7* D * UNUSUAL CHORDS B 799877 Bsus4 799977 Dmaj7 xx0222 {new_song} {title:Chocolate Cake} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}
INTRO GUITAR PART:---------------------||-5--5-------5--5--4--||-5--5-------5--5--5--|| [repeated throughout song---------------------|| with slight variations]---------------------||---------------------||
INTRO: Am G (x 4) Am G Am G Am G Not everyone in New York would pay to see Andrew Lloyd Webber Am G Am G Am G May his trousers fall down as he bows to the queen and the crown F I don't know what tune that the orchestra played D G E But it went by me sickly and sentimental Am D/F#* Can I have another piece of chocolate cake G Tammy Baker's got a lot on her plate Am D/F# Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake G Andy Warhol must be laughing in his grave Am G (x 4) The band of the night take you to ethereal heights over dinner You wander the streets never reaching the heights that you seek And the sugar that dripped from the violins bow Made the children go crazy, put a hole in the tooth of a hag Can I have another piece of chocolate cake Tammy Baker must be losing her faith Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake Andy Warhol must be laughing in his grave Am And the dogs are on the road D We're all tempting fate Am Cars are shooting by D With no number plates E And here comes Mrs. Hairy Legs (Chords under harmonica solo) Am G I saw Elvis Presley walk out of a Seven Eleven And a woman gave birth to a baby and then bowled 257 The excess of fat on your American bones Will cushion the impact as you sink like a stone Can I have another piece of chocolate cake Tammy Baker, Tammy Baker ... Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake Cheap Picasso, cheap Picasso fake Can I have another piece of chocolate cake Kathy Straker, boy could she lose some weight Can I buy another slice of real estate Am G D/F# F Liberace must be laughing in his grave E A E A E A (repeat to fade) Can I have another piece of chocolate cake RIDE-OUT GUITAR RIFF:
-8--7----8-8--7--|-8--7----5-5--3---3-||-----------------|--------------------||-9--7----9-9--7--|-9--7----5-5--4---4-|| Riff repeats with variations-----------------|--------------------|| to fade ...-----------------|--------------------||-----------------|--------------------||
* UNUSUAL CHORDS D/F# 200232 {new_song} {title:It's Only Natural} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn} {comment:To match the recording, capo on first fret}
MAIN GUITAR RIFF:------------------------|-----------------------||-------2--0-------------|-------2--0-----0>2>0--||-------------2-1>2>1----|-------------2---------||---0-2---------------2--|---0-2-----------------||-2----------------------|-2---------------------||------------------------|-----------------------||
INTRO: E A E A (x 4) E A E A Ice will melt, water will boil E A E A You and I can shake off this mortal coil D A It's bigger than us D A E A E A You don't have to worry about it E A E A Ready or not here comes the drop E A E A You feel lucky when you know where you are D A It's gonna come true D A Here in your arms I remember CHORUS C#m It's only natural that I should want to G#m Be there with you C#m It's only natural that you should G#m feel the same way too It's easy when you don't try Going on first impressions Man in a cage has made his confession You've seen me at my worst And it won't be the last time I'm down there I want you to know I feel completely at ease Read me like a book That's fallen down between your knees Please let me have my way with you C#m It's only natural that I should want to G#m Be there with you C#m It's only natural that you should G#m B feel the same way too E G# It's circumstantial, it's nothing written in the sky A And we don't even have to try ...
GUITAR SOLO (over an E chord):----------------------------------|----------------------------||-7>5-5--5-5-5---3>5-5>3--3>2-3>5--|-3>5--5>0--5-5-5-5>0-3-3-5--||-6>4-4--4-4-4-------4-------------|-4----4----4-4-4-4---4-4-4--||----------------------------------|----------------------------||----------------------------------|----------------------------||----------------------------------|----------------------------||
E A E A Shaking like mud, buildings of glass E A E A Sink into the bay they'll be under the rocks again D A D A You don't have to say I know you're afraid CHORUS E G# A It's circumstantial, it's something I was born to E G# A It's only natural, can't help it if I want to {new_song} {title:I'm Still Here} {subtitle:Crowded House} Am G Am I'm still here Am G Am I won't go away G C G I'm still here Am G Am I've come to rain on your parade Am G Am I'm still here Am G Am It's getting late G C Well, I'm still hangin' round G Keepin' my fingers crossed Am G Am I still wanna get laid {new_song} {title:There Goes God} {subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}
INTRO GUITAR:---0----------------|---0-----------------|---0----------------|-0---0---0--0>1>0---|-0---0---0--0>1>0----|-0---0---0--0>1>0---|------------------2-|------------------2--|------------------2-|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|
G D/F#* Em What'll I tell him B7* When he comes to me for absolution G D/F# Em Wouldn't you know it B7 Hope I don't make a bad decision D C Cos I'd like to believe D There is a god C D Why sinful angels suffer for love Am I'd like to believe In the terrible truth in the beautiful lie G D/F# Em Like to know you B7 But in this town I can't get arrested G D/F# Em If you know me B7 Why don't you tell me what I'm thinking D C Hey don't look now D There goes God C D In his sexy pants and his sausage dog Am And he can't stand Beelzebub Cos he looks so good in black, in black (verse chords for harmonica solo) CHORUS RIDE-OUT CHORDS: D C * UNUSUAL CHORDS D/F# 200232 B7 x21200
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