A Misery Of Love chords with lyrics by Crybaby - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Crybaby – A Misery Of Love chords

G     |      | Cm   |      |
G     |      | Em   | D    |
G     | Cm   | G    | D    |

[Verse 1]
G CmThe traction is submission
G CmFor every light it's an unwitting pact of attrition
D Em DThere's a price we will pay for this union
G Cm G DThere's a poverty of love
[Verse 2]
G CmDid you get what you wanted?
G CmIf only I could've seen what she could've been but maybe you did
D Em DBut to smother another lover, ohhh
G Cm G DDid you kiss her teeth of love
[Interlude] G | | Cm | | G | | Cm | | G | | Em | D | G | Cm | G | D | C [Verse 3]
C C D D# G F GI'm stuck there out of luck when compassion was unrecognizable
C C C D D# G F G Mistaken forsaken by level for someone lacking
G CmSeroxat, tramadol
G CmParoxetine, ritalin, stuff it in, come one and come all
D Em DRomance was dead on arrival
G Cm G DJust a casualty of love
[Verse 4]
G CmOh the blame, the blame, the blame and the grieving
G CmOh imagining a more acceptable photo of you leaving
D Em DIt's a price that we paid for this union
G Cm G CmMade a misery of love
G CmOf love
G CmOf lo-oh-ove
G Cm G CmOoh-ooh, ooooooooh
G | Cm | G
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