Crystal Method – Starting Over tab

Okay, so this is a techno song that I converted to guitar. I love this song so I tabbed 
It's real easy, but really fun. This song is over 7 minutes long, so I'll give you the 
parts and the order and you can do the rest!

p= pull off
b= bend
r= reverse bend
/= slide up

Guitar 1:e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------| CleanD|---------------------------------------------|A|7-7--7--15p14-14--15-15-7-7--7--15p14--15-15-|E|---------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2:e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------| Heavy DistortionD|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|5br5br5br-4/5-55-5---5br5br5br-4/5-55-5--5---|
Guitar 3:e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------| Heavy DistortionD|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|0-00-00-3bp0-3bp0-00-00-3bp0-3bp0-0----------| | | Release while bent
Guitar 4:e|13------14-15----------16-14-----------16-17-|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------| Light DistortionD|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
Told ya it was easy. Now here's the confusing part. I'll tell ya who's playing and how times they play. Your gonna have to listen to the song to fully understand how I broke song up! hint: in each section, all of the guitars are playing together. for example, in intro b, doesn't go: guitar 1 plays twice, then guitar 2 comes in... it's not like that. they overlap!!! Order of "Starting Over": Intro A: Gt.1 (x2) Intro B: Gt.1 (x2), Gt.2 (x2)(Gt.2 Fades in) Intro C: Gt.1 (x4), Gt.2 (x4), Gt.3 (x8) Intro D: Gt.2 (x2), Gt.3 (x4), Gt.4 (x1) Intro E: Gt.1 (x2), Gt.3 (x4) Verse 1a: None Verse 1b: Gt.1 (x2), Gt.2 (x2), Gt.3 (x4) Verse 1c: Gt.1 (x2), Gt.2 (x2), Gt.3 (x4), Gt.4 (x1) Break 1a: Gt.3 (x8) Break 1b: Gt.2 (x1.5), Gt.3 (x3.5)- on 2nd time through don't play 2nd half of the tab! Verse 2a: Gt.2 (x2), Gt.3 (x4), Gt.4 (x1) Verse 2b: Gt.1 (x2), Gt.2 (x2), Gt.3 (x4), Gt.4 (x1) Verse 2c: Gt.1 (x2), Gt.3 (x4) Easy, fun, but kinda confusing. Hope ya understand!! Peace.
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