Cure – A Forest tab

Note: There are three versions of this song. I'm tabbing from the version found
on the 'Greatest Hits' and 'Staring at the Sea - The Singles' albums. I'm not
sure if there is any discernible difference between it and the versions found
on 'Seventeen Seconds' or the Tree Mix found on 'Mixed Up' as I've never really
listened to them all the way through.

The intro consists mainly of two parts. 

Pt. I - Played three times through as the bass comes in. This is the way I findit easiest to play.e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|-----2--------------|D|----------3---2---3-|A|--0-----0---0---0---|E|--------------------|
Pt. II - Played once. Palm mute from the last note into the first Am chord.e|----------------------------|B|----------0-1---------------|G|-----2--------2-0-----------|D|------------------3-2-0-----|A|--0-----0---------------3-0-|E|----------------------------|
Am C F Dadd9 (two measures) Am C Come closer and see F Dadd9 see into the trees Am C find the girl F Dadd9 while you can Am C Come closer and see F Dadd9 see into the dark Am C just follow your eyes F Dadd9 just follow your eyes B C A C B C A F Am C F Dadd9 (two measures) (Am C F Dadd9 pattern) I hear her voice calling my name the sound is deep in the dark I hear her voice and start to run into the trees into the trees B C A C B C A F Into the trees Am C F Dadd9 (four measures) (Am C F Dadd9 pattern) Suddenly I stop but i know it's too late I'm lost in a forest all alone (Am C F Dadd9 pattern) The girl was never there it's always the same I'm running towards nothing again and again and again. . . B C A C and again. . . B C A F and again. . . Am C F Dadd9 (repeats until song is finished) I cannot figure out the final chord progression, unfortunately. Nevertheless, those are the correct chords.
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