Cure – Lullabye tab

You should seriously consider listening to this song a few times.

C B Am G----------------0----------------0----------------0--------------3-------|--------------1---1------------1---1------------1---1------------3-------|------------0-------0--------0-------0--------2-------2--------0---0-----|----------2-----------2----0-----------0----2-----------2-----0-----0----|----0-2-3--------------3-2--------------2-0-----------------2---------2--|1-3-------------------------------------------------------3--------------|
F G C F GA B--------1---------------------3----------------0--------------------------|----------1-----------------3---3------------1---1------------------------|------2-----2-------------0-------0--------0-------0----------------------|----3-------3-----------0---------0------2-----------2--------------------|--3-----------3-------2-------------2--3---------------3----0-2-----------|1---------------1---3---------------3--------------------1-3--------------|
C When you go to sleep tonight B A Dream about your summer vacations G Big furry whales F G Close your eyes... and sleep C G Don't forget to breathe C Dream of sugar-frosted rainbows B A Extra-large Value Meals G F GA B What a steal. C Dream of eating cookie dough B A Watch out for the salmonilla, G You know it's a killah, F G Close your eyes... and sleep C C B Don't forget to breathe! F G Close your eyes... and sleep A B C Don't forget to breathe! The A and B on the last line at the end are just the notes played on the low E and A inbetween chords. It's originally played on piano, so you can strum, or randomly pick the Whatever yanks your crank. Play this song for your baby everynight and they'll probably grow up to be geniuses.
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