Cure - Close To Me Acoustic tab

The Cure
"Close to Me"

Ok, I wasn't able to find "useful" chords for this song so I came up with my own. I'm
about 90% sure that this is the right key. You can experiment with this but this songs
right on the money. It's two guitars so find yourself a partner and get crackin'! Please
leave good rating. Thanks.

Standard Tuning/= slide(Note: this is the rhythm of the bass)e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-4-x-4-x-4--4-4/8-8-8/4-x-4-x-4--4-4/6-6-6--------------------------------|D|-4-x-4-x-4--4-4/8-8-8/4-x-4-x-4--4-4/6-6-6-6-x-6-x-6--6-6/8-8-8/4-x-4-x-4-|A|-2-x-2-x-2--2-2/6-6-6/2-x-2-x-2--2-2/4-4-4-6-x-6-x-6--6-6/8-8-8/4-x-4-x-4-|E|-------------------------------------------4-x-4-x-4--4-4/6-6-6/2-x-2-x-2-|
------------|------------|------------| (Repeat throughout song)-2-2-2--2-2-|-2-2-2--2-2-|-0-0-0--0-0-|
Here's the little rift (Note: Press finger down on the actual metal fret, this will give it that harmonic sound.)
e|-14-12-11-7---14-12-11-7---19-18-14---18-14-9--|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------| (Repeat throughout song)D|-----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
I suspect you already know how to clap. Well, that should work for just acoustic. I hope found it helpful.
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