Custom Kings – Rose Pickles chords

Rose Pickles - Custom Kings

Tabbed by: Andy Rowland

This is based on Ryan Tatnell's tab, but played with open chords geared toward beginners
and those wanting an easier version. It's not perfect, I know.
If there's something you would change, please, leave a  comment.

A good strum pattern:
D D U U D U-----------------------------
----------------------------- Tuning: Standard, Capo on 2nd ----------------------------- I wasn't one hundred percent on names of some chords, but here they all are:
Fmaj7 C G Am G/C Cd F G/Cde|-----0------0----3----0-----0-----3-----1-----3---------|B|-----1------1----3----1-----1-----1-----1-----1---------|G|-----2------0----0----2-----0-----0-----2-----0---------|D|-----3------2----0----2-----0-----2-----3-----0---------|A|-----0------3----2----x-----2-----3-----3-----2---------|E|-----x------x----3----x-----3-----x-----1-----3---------|
------- VERSE -------
Fmaj7 C G Am Am AmI think that I know now whose ghost haunts my kitchen
Fmaj7 C G/C Cd CdI feel his footsteps and I hear him breath
Fmaj7 C G Am Am AmHe cries in the night time with hell fire conviction
Fmaj7 C G/C Cd CdBest you hold up your head or you’ll never be free
Fmaj7 C G Am Am AmAnd I read the best words that man’s ever written
Fmaj7 C G/C Cd CdBut it’s your voice that cries out to me in my dreams
Fmaj7 C G Am Am AmWhen I last blessed my eyes with the sweetest of visions
Fmaj7 C G/C Cd CdWhen I close my eyes it’s still you that I see
--------- CHORUS ---------
C G/C Am F C G/C AmYou baby, sleep on my floorboards you smoked up all my deals
C G/C Am F C G/C CdYou baby, and I dream of something more but I wake to a dream
-------------------------------- VERSE - Same as the First --------------------------------
Fmaj7 C G Am Am AmAnd I gave her my soul the night I saw her naked
Fmaj7 C G/C Cd CdI gave her a green but I’ll guild it with coke
Fmaj C G AmAnd I cooked her the best food that she’d ever tasted
Am AmBut the girl just wants to get wasted
---------------------------------------------------------- FILL - whatever sounds best to you, here's a suggestion: ---------------------------------------------------------- Fmaj7 C F C Fmaj7 C F G/Cd
Fmaj7 C G Am F G/CdOoooh bah bah dah bah bah dah bah bah dah that’s my baby---
Fmaj7 C G Am F G/CdOoooh bah bah dah bah bah dah bah bah dah But she’s crazy---
-------- CHORUS -------- ------------------------------------ OUTRO - Same progression as verse ------------------------------------ So pull out the needle and thread and start stitching So stitch me right up so that I cannot sleep 'Cause I think that I know now whose ghost haunts in my kitchen
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