Cw Stoneking - The Love Me Or Die chords

C.W. Stoneking
The Love Me Or Die

Standard tuning

Some of the lyrics may be slightly wrong..
The two chords are tabbed out down the bottom.
This main theme is played as the intro and as a break between verses.

Ebm Bb7 (Ebm)|-6-------6--6---------------------8-7--------------------||---7-9-7------7-9-7-6--9-6-7-6-9------9-7-6-4--(-4-4-7-)-||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------|
EbmI studied evil, I can't deny
Bb7what the hoodoo sound called a 'love me or die'
something, a nail, a piece o' her dress
Ebmapocathary [sic] devil will behest
Bb7I will relate deep hideous consequence to my mistake
fallen slave to passing desire
Ebmmaking the dreaded love me or die
EbmAgainst a jungle prime evil green
Bb7she had the looks of a beauty queen
no bangles or chain wearin' -broken true-
Ebm75 cent bottle perfume
I said good mornin', I tipped my hat
Bb7while i was cunnin' like a rat
smiling gaily look her in the eye
EbmI felt in my pocket the love me or die
EbmMy past, history, one to behold
Bb7I study magic from days of old
membership, secret society
EbmI am wealt' in my family
But, Matilda, darlin'
Bb7why you don't take my wedding ring?
like a demon under the floor
Ebmbury the hoodoo down the back door
EbmOh, word broke through the town
Bb7that a fever strike Matilda down
Nine thirty the doctors arrive
Ebmpriest come runnin', quarter to five
standin' in the weeds early next day
Bb7I saw the meat wagon rollin' away
I seen Matilda layin' in the back
Ebmher old mother wearin' a suit of rags
EbmSound the trumpet and bang the drum
Bb7I wait for me judgement to come
I know her spirit is down beneat'
EbmI hear the weeping and gnashing of the teeth
flames of hell accept my feet
Bb7in the shadow of the jungle I feel the heat
Matilda's waiting in hell for me too
Ebmall 'cause she died from a bad hoodoo
---- Ebm Bb7|-6-----6-----||-7-----6-----||-8-----7-----||-8-----6-----||-6-----8-----||-------6-----|
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