Cymbals Eat Guitars – Finally chords

C G F (riff)

C G F x2

C G FLet in the empty wind
CFull of holes
G FI'm an instrument
C G FIf this is infinite
C G FThe center is everything
Am G CDilated and smiling
Am G CSee lives from the outside
Am GLook up
C F CSnow is falling again
D FA pretty painted house
G DIn a shitty part of town
EbYou settle down
C G FUsed to light up a room
C G FThen again maybe that ain't true
C G FWanna light up the night
C G FRefineries and Christmas lights
Am G CMy love is a mantra
Am G CWhen I speak it, it weakens
Am G C F CI'll just squeeze your hand three times
D FIf it's infinite repeats
G DI'll take the blizzard of '16
EbI'm ready now
F Eb x3
FTry to take it all with me
But we forget finally C G F x4
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