Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun tab version 1

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
by Cyndi Lauper

Main Riffe--6h7-6--4-6-----6h7-6--4-6--4-----6h7-6--4-6-----6h7-6--4-2--4------]B--7---7--4-7-----7---7--4-7--4-----7---7--4-7-----7---7--4-2--4------]G---------------------------------------------------------------------]D---------------------------------------------------------------------]A---------------------------------------------------------------------]E---------------------------------------------------------------------]
This is the only riff played throughout the song, with an occasional
e----------------]B------7~--------] played in some versesG------8~--------]D------8~--------]A------6~--------]E----------------]
It's almost impossible to hear/figure out the guitar fills in the verses, but this gets the job done
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