Cyndi Lauper – Minnie And Santa tab


C               G             C
I worked with a woman named Minnie
C             F         G
One Christmas Eve long ago
       C              Gm           C
When I asked what you doing this evening? 
      F           G        C
Minnie took on a seasonal glow
     C           G            C
She said shed be waiting for Santa
     F             G         C
Shed be wearing a bright red bow


Minnie and Santa
Minnie and Santa
What they’re up to only
D      G         C
Heaven knows she wrote on a card
     F                     C         F          C
Don’t take it so hard were headed for the north pole

C                G            C
Now Minnie could not be persuaded
C               F         G
That Santa just did not exist
     C                 Gm          C
She swore if she put up some mistletoe
     F            G      C
Santa’d come give her a kiss
    C             G            C
And there where she’d hung up her stockings
        F            G      C
All in their silky, soft, sheen
D        G        C
Shed be laying in wait on a bear skin rug
    F                 C    F         C
Where the cookies and milk could be seen

Now minnie was older and wiser
Like a dear old auntie to me
But the night that she ran off with santa
Was a real epiphany

Next xmas I passed by the bakery
Staring out from on top of a cake
Was jolly old santa with a big silly grin
And a gal in silk stockings and lace
Oh, minnie and santa...
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