Cyndi Lauper – December Child tab

December Child

From the Album: Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life!!

C          G      Am     Em
Close your eyes December Child
    F        C              F       G
And dream a while my little son and moon
C       G     Am       Em
May the stars be your crown
    F        C              F         G
And may the earth guide you round and round

Dm   G   C     Dm  G  C
Snuggle up and let me hold kiss
     Dm G  C            F        G sus
Your baby breath in the dark and cold
G    Dm  G  C     Dm  G C
On a silent night long ago
   F    Am     F                G
Another mother held her babe and told him


They had come such a long long way
Rest your little head on me and I'll tell you of
A little king and his bed of hay
It is remembered every Christmas day
Little one, little son
All my life I've wished you welcome

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