Get Out Of My Head tab with lyrics by Cypress Hill - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cypress Hill – Get Out Of My Head tab

Artist/Author:Cypress Hill 
Song:Get out of my head 
Albulm:Bones (from the Skull and Bones CD). 
Tabbed by Mark Bowman. 
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Tuning:- I tabbed this with standard (E,A,D,G,B,e) but since Fear Factory wrote the song, Dino 
probably tuned his guitar to (A, D, G, C, E, A) but I honestly don't know. If he has it might 
not be correct but since everyone is too lazy to do Cypress Hill songs It is close enough. 

Intro |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Play this riff once |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|and then play Main riff. |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Listen to the song, youll |0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-3-2--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-3-2-|get the pattern
Verse The verse is just basically feedback but it makes a good touch.
Main riff |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-3-2--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-1-2-1--0-5-4-3-2-|
Chorus or |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------|Whatever is easier |-----------------------| |------2222------4444---|or sounds better. |-3333-7777-2222-9999-7-| |-3333-2222-2222-4444-2-|Doesnt really matter. |-3333-7777-2222-9999-7-| |-3333-0000-2222-2222-2-| |-1111-5555-0000-7777-5-| |-1111------0000------0-|
Dont critisize it too much as I know it's not perfect. Song structure: Intro x1 Main x2 verse Chorus x4 Main x2 Verse Chorus x8 Main x2 Chorus x8 Main x4
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