Glorious Redeemer chords with lyrics by C3 Church - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

C3 Church – Glorious Redeemer chords

[Verse 1]
E BI love You with all my heart
ATrust You with all I have
E F#mFor You hold the heavens
E Bsus BAnd earth in Your hands
C#m EYou died on a cross for me
ATook all my sin and shame
E F#mYour name is Holy
E BsusExalted above all else
EGlorious Redeemer
F#m BYou have paid for my life
EYou have gone before me
A BNow I walk by Your side
EI lift my hands to You Lord
A BFor You are worthy of all praise
C#m B AJesus Reigns
EJesus Reigns
A B E AOne thing I ask
A B E AThat I may dwell in Your house forever
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