Caamp – Of Love And Life chords


C Dm FBurnt wood has bared witness to many songs sung
AmWarmed up the hands
GAnd the hearts of the young
CAnd the old gather round
FTill the flames are all done
Am GPassing down their words of wisdom
CTalking about a schoolyard crush
FAnd two wheeled bikes
Am GA few rolling papers on those Friday nights
CDrink with good people
FGet high as a kite
AmBefore they drift away
GOut of mind and out of sight
CWell that's not to say you lose
FEverything and everyone
AmHear me out, take your time
GAnd watch the setting sun
CTake your hands out of your pockets
FFeel the water run
Am G GDon't worry about tomorrow and yesterday
CIs gone
[Banjo] F Am G C F Am G
CAnd the words that he said
FStill echoing in my head
AmDon't sell your soul for money son
GMeans nothing when your dead
CWe all walk the same out here
FOur blood is pumpin' red
AmFeels struggle feel pain
GKeep a level head
CFind a beautiful love
FLook straight into their eyes
AmMake sure they know
GThey're your morning light
CAnd that you'll never let go
FTill the day that you die
AmThis here is love
GThis here is life
[Banjo/Vocals] C F Am G C F Am G C F Am G C F Am G
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