Caleb Jones – The Summer Of 2009 chords

D A Bm G

[Verse 1]
DThe sand, the sun, the waves,
AWe only had a few more days,
Bm GTo fall, in love, no time to waste,
DYour hand, in mine, those nights,
AEvery moment felt so right
Bm GYour smile, I miss, your eyes
DWe knew, the day, was gone
AI knew where you were coming from
Bm GWhen you asked to stay up and watch the sun
DWe were just kids who fell in love,
Athe summers never lasted long enough
Bm Gthe memories they take me back, to the summer of you and I
Dyou still wear that cross round’ your neck
A Bmthe one I got for you what seems like years ago
GIn the summer of 2009
[Verse 2]
DI miss, that dress, you wore
AThe one you loved so short
Bm GIt made, me want, you more
DWe danced, we laughed, we cried
AHolding memories in so tight
Bm GWe fell, in love, just right
DI hear the ending of a long spent summer
Awe’d stay up late, talk over and over
BmThe nights grew colder later October
GI could see we’re getting older and older
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