Calexico – Trigger chords

Em Em Em Em

Em BWalking south along the river
B EmNever had he found that twist of pleasure
Em BRemembering times when they were younger
B EmSetting the town on fire
Am G D GAnd watching as his fellow friends, Fell apart in the wake
Am Em B Em F#7 Em F#7 Claiming it was all just a mistake, When his finger pulled the trigger
Em B Em Em And he shot everyone
[Instrumental] Em B B Em Em B B Em Am G D G Am Em B Em Em F#7
Em F#7It was all just a mistake
B Em EmWhen he shot everyone
Em BNothing will stand in the way
B EmWhen hunger hasn't eaten for days
Em BScrounges around where ends meet
B EmAnd disappears into the fray
Am G B GHe hopes for awhile he'll reconcile with the pain that never dies
Am Em B EmThe ghosts of his family constantly, Gnawing at his insides
Am G D GHe pulls out a worn photo, And an old handmade gun
Am Em B Em Em F#7 Em F#7Wishes it was he who was frying, When he set the whole town on fire
Em F#7He walks off crying
Em B EmHe shot everyone
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