Splitter chords with lyrics by Calexico - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Calexico – Splitter chords

Capo 2


Em  B7  C  G (x2)

D  C  G


GThrough the gardens and fields ‘neath the tall green grass
EmYou were walking ‘neath the moon while covering your tracks
C GWorking your fingers down to the skin and stone
Em B7 C GOne hand on the hammer, one foot by the door
Em B7 C G DPushed by the wind, fed by the need for moving on,
C GMoving on to nowhere
GWhen division runs deep and down into the well
EmAll the coins you dove after lost all their spell
C GCovered in moss walking for silver and blood
Em B7 C GOut in the cafe, working in the grove
Em B7 C GGuarding the port of the future you sold
D C GHolding on, holding on to no one
D C GHolding on, holding on to no one
Em B7 C GOne eye in the mirror, the other on the screen
Em B7 C GSewn in the pockets and down into the dream
Em B7 C GCaught up in the mortar, bricks and heavy load
Em B7 C GWait in the shadows down the living road
D C GMoving on, moving on to no one
D C GHolding on, holding on to no one
Pretty sure this is right, although he seems to do a sort of walkdown thing between the Em and the C in the verses which I can't figure out. Anyways, great song, great band. Check out the album its from, Algiers. It's great.
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