Captain Were Sinking – Judge chords

D F# Bm

D F# BmWhen that judge finally comes for me, will you stare as I'm dragged through the street?
D A Gyou're not saying anything and you're staring at the ground
D F# Bmwell there are splinters stuck in my hands from this cross that I've forced myself to bear
D A Gand it's funny when you realize all of your problems
D A Gwe'll talk about our past life and our hometown
D A Gwe'll both realize how we had to leave that place
Bm Athen Mary will come to me while I'm fast asleep and say,
G D A G"don't worry friend, don't you try to speak. I'm just here to take notes on your condition"
D Gyou are lost, boy
D Gyou are lost, boy
D F# Bmwell put me in that cage that hangs above ground and stab me with sticks
D A Gsaying, "When I draw blood, I'll leave"
D F# Bmwell I'm afraid to stop loving you, because the moment that I do
D A GI'll be saying it alone at your grave site
Bm A Gthe ideas I've shaped when I sleep, yeah, they form a certain happiness
D A Git makes falling asleep alone that much easier
Bm A Gbut I wake up feeling some regret, that these simple thoughts that form in my head
D A Gthey seem so out of reach for me to hold on to
Bm A G Bm A Gyour daughter, she is sleeping in the back
Bm A G Bm A Gand her brother, oh he's sleeping in the back
D A Gand he wakes up and he says,
Bm A G Bm A G"When I think of you, I start to shiver. I swear to god, I'll love you forever"
Bm A Gyou are lost, boy
Bm A Gyou are lost, boy
D G Aand you are lost, boy
D Gwell you are lost, boy
D G Anow you are lost, boy
D G Ayeah, you are lost, boy
Bm A Gand she says, "I'm afraid to start loving you"
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