Carl M. Daw – As We Gather At Your Table chords

[Verse 1]
D D/F# AAs we gather at Your table
D/F# G A DAs we list-en to Your word
A Bm D/F# AHelp us know O God Your presence
D/F# G A DLet our hearts and minds be stirred
A Bm DNourish us with sacred story
A Bm A GTill we claim it as our own
A D D/F# ATeach us through this holy banquet
D/F# G A DHow to make Love's vict'ry known
[Verse 2]
D D/F# ATurn our worship into witness
D/F# G A DIn the sa-cra-ment of life
A Bm D/F# ASend us forth to love and serve You
D/F# G A DBringing peace where there is strife
A Bm DGive us Christ Your great com-passion
A Bm A GTo for-give as You for-gave
A D D/F# AMay we still be-hold Your image
D/F# G A DIn the world You died to save
[Verse 3]
D D/F# AGracious Spirit help us summon
D/F# G A DOther guests to share that feast
A Bm D/F# AWhere tri-umphant Love will welcome
D/F# G A DThose who had been last and least
A Bm DThere no more will envy Blind us
A Bm A GNor will pride our peace des-troy
A D D/F# AAs we join with saints and angels
D/F# G A DTo re-peat the sounding joy
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