Caspar Babypants – Banana Bread chords

D G Dbanana bread banana bread we can be banana bread
G A C Dwe're not pretty but we're not dead we can be banana bread
Gyou brought us home from the grocery we looked so snappy
Dput us on the counter top over there we were so happy
E7then you forgot about us lunch after lunch
Anow we are a fruit fly covered brown and bummed out bunch but
G once upon a time we were so yellow
Dcheery bright and smiling a bunch of happy fellows
E7then we got forgotten now it's almost too late
Abut you can still make us into something tasty to put on your plate
G E7 Bm Caug(ba - na - na) (ba - na - na) (ba - na - na) (ba - na - na) (x2)
A(ba - na - na -na -na -na - na na)
Gme and the boys have been together for so long
Dwe grew up on a banana tree and learned to sing this song
E7all the young bananas learned it in case they get forgotten
Aso people don't throw them out just because they look a little bit rotten
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