Casper Allen – Some Rose chords

 D G

[Verse 1]
D GOnce I was a beggar, with rags for my clothes
D GI walked with a limb, and ate scraps of the road
D GI asked every stranger, I offered some rose
A G DI thought maybe a flower, could patch up my hopes
[Interlude] G D G [Verse 2]
D GOnce I was a bandit, I thieved and I stole
D GI walked with a pistol, and a loaded billfold
D GOh I asked all my victims, as I wore out their sole
A G DKiss me good night, keep a thorn from my rose
[Interlude] G D G [Verse 3]
D GOh once I was a singer, throat coated and cold
D GOh I walked with swagger, made thousands of shows
D GOh I asked my song man, to find me a note (?)
A G DThat’s as sweet as the nectar, that comes from my rose
[Interlude] G D G [Verse 4]
D GWell sometimes I’m a liar, and a good one I’m told
D GWell I walked with such charm, but I’m lonely and cold
D GI ask you for answers, I don’t want to know
A G DJust need these distractions, to keep my mind of that rose
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