cavetown – Outside With The Cuties chords

[Verse 1]

C AmOutside with the cuties
C AmI don’t think the woods are too deep
Dm GThe grass covers the sand
C AmAll the wood is damp
Dm GFeeling very touched
C FCause my friends are in love
C AmFeeling pretty far from home
C AmSo I sit to write this down
Dm GI guess it’s not really brave
C FI know I’m not a lake
CI haven’t written this part yet
GWill you help me write it?
[Verse 2]
C AmYou are bug bites on vacation
C AmYou find the sad in everything
Dm GCan’t see you cry, you’re down the street
C FI wonder when you’ll talk to me
C AmYour eyes reflect the greenish moon
C FYou move towards me and I love you
Dm GI love you
C FI love you
CI haven’t finished this song yet
GWill you help me fix it
[Outro] C Am C Am Dm G C F C
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