cavetown – Winter Coat chords

Am G Am F#
Am G C F#
G Am F# Am
G Am F# Am
G Am F# Am

[Verse 1]
G AmYou looked a little spaced out yesterday
F# AmI offered you a hand but you had nothing to say
GAm I a ghost to you, cause I'm thinking
Am F# AmMaybe it'd be best for me to stay away
[Verse 2]
G AmAnd as you made your way to the front door
F# AmYou left your winter coat that your mum bought
GYou closed the door slow in time for you to speak:
Am F# F#"I think it'd be best for me to just leave."
[Instrumental] G C C F# G C C F# [Verse 3]
GThen you ran out so fast I didn't have time to grab a mac
C CThe car and all the driver's stuff was soaking wet by the time you passed
F# GI called your name into the rain but all the people look the same
C C F#In every man I saw your face and my sight begins to fade
G CAnd my hands they start to shake as I'm standing in your place
C F#Your winter coat is still at mine I dont have time to run away
G CTo bring it back to keep you warm you're already lost in your own storm
GAnd it's all my fault
G Am F# Am G Am F# Am
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