Cher – Lie To Me chords

[Verse 1]
F COh, fuck, just lie to me
F CTell me somethin' sweet
Am G FTill I look the other way
CDon't wanna start over, babe
F CAlready gave you everything
Am G FI got nothing left of me
F GThe truth is overrated
Am G FHere it comes now, you're gonna stab me in the heart
C EI'm gonna hold my ears, so I can't hear us fall apart
Am G FOh, I'm just a little broken down, trying to keep myself alive
FSo don't kill me
EDon't kill me
Am G DNeither one of us is pure enough to come clean
FI'd rather you lie to me
CAnd look me dead in the eyes
Am G FTell me I'm the one you need
CI don't wanna start over, babe
This was my everything
Am G DYou were my last chance, you see
F G AmTruth is overrated to me
[Verse 2]
G FIs this all common now?
C EWhere's that fairytale that sold us out?
Am G DOh, do you really think you're the only one with secrets now?
FSee, you're like me
EYou're just like me
Am GWell, one of us is happy
DOther bleeds
[Chorus / Outro]
FSo just lie to me
CI tell you something sweet
Am G FTill we look the other way
CWe don't wanna start over, babe
F CWe've given up everything
Am GTill there's nothing left
F CMhmmhmmhmmmmm
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