Chloe Moriondo – Waves chords

[Verse 1]
Am C F Sometimes I feel like I wanna go back
Am C F To a time before my mind turned black
Am C F I miss the way it was
Am CWhen instead of just my gooey brains
FAll that melted was popsicles
Am CAnd the rain just pelted down
FDown on me
[Verse 2]
Am C F Make me into more than a goner
Am C F Perhaps a little bit stronger
Am C FThicker skin, less needy, and maybe to not bruise so damn easily
Am CBut you can't
FAnd I won't
Am CI want you to help me keep me from growing older
FJust let me snot on your shoulder
Am C FWhen all that I'm thinkin bout is her, her
Am C FGive me everything you got
Am CDon't need drugs cause I can already feel my head rot
FAnd it won't stop
AmIt won't stop
C FIt won't stop
AmIt won't stop
C FIt won't stop
AmPlease slow down
C FPlease slow down
AmMake it all slow down
C FMake it all slow down
Make it all slow down
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