Chris Mcclarney – Move chords

[Verse 1]
A F#m D AWhen You move, darkness runs for cover
F#m D AWhen You move, no one's turned away
F#m D ABecause where You are, fear turns into praises
F#m D AWhere You are, no heart's left unchanged
D F#m ASo come move, let justice roll on like a river
F#m DLet worship turn into revival
F#m ELord, lead us back to You
[Verse 2]
F#m D AWhen You move, the outcast finds a family
F#m D AWhen You move, the orphan finds a home
F#m D ALord, here we are, oh, teach us to love mercy
F#m D AWith humble hearts, we bow down at Your throne
F#mKing of all generations
ALet every tongue and nation
F#m DSurrender all to You alone
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