Cimorelli – Jonas Brothers Medley chords

Bm D A G

[Verse 1]
Bm DI'm hot you're cold
A GYou go around like you know
Bm DWho I am but you don't
A GYou've got me on my toes
Bm GOoh this is an S.O.S
DDon't wanna second guess
A BmThis is the bottom line it's true
GI gave my all for you
DNow my heart's in two
A EmAnd I can't find the other half
G DIt's like I'm walking on broken glass
ABetter believe I bled
Em GIt's a call I'll never get
[Verse 2]
A GMust've done something right 'cause all these
DLights are green yeah they look like palm trees
AAnd every time that song comes on it's about me
AOh I feel like Post Malone when I get home
GSittin' there winning like it's Game of Thrones
D AAnd now that we've made it how complicated was last year?
AMandy always laughs when I act stupid
EI am unaware that I'm a nuisance
Bm DWith her it's never wasted time oh woah
AMandy always knows exactly what I'm
E BmThinking and she's always on my mind and now
DI'm never gonna let her go
'Cause Mandy always knows
A E Bm DOoh Mandy always knows
ANow I'm speechless
EOver the edge I'm just breathless
Bm D AI never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again
ANow I'm hopeless
EHead over heels in the moment
Bm D AI never thought that I'd get bit by this lovebug again
A E Bm DYeah ooh-whoa oh
A EI'm slipping into the lava
Bm D And I'm trying to keep from going under
F#m ABaby who turned the temperature hotter?
E D'Cause I'm burnin' up burnin' up for you baby
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