Clive Gregson – Stay Another Day chords

C Bb C Bb C Bb C Bb

[Verse 1]
F Bb CI think that I might leave today, being like a good boy
F Bb CI might as well be on my way instead of bringing no joy
F Bb C F Bb C I’m so tired of fighting I want to rest my weary head
F Bb C F Bb C For all the good I am doing, I might as well be dead
[Verse 2]
F Bb CWhen I come to think again the answer’s plain to see
F Bb CI look around and see no-one with a better life than me
F Bb C F Bb C They’re all so tired of working they’re all over the hill
F Bb Gm C F Bb C I’ve never done a days work in my life and I hope to God I never, ever will
F C F Bb C#m F Bb F CBut all through the day I just sit and dream about an ending and wait for a time when I’ll be in control
F C F Bb C#m F Bb F CBut just for the moment I’m a trailer that needs a little mending before my wheels will start to roll
[Verse 3]
F Bb CSo though I never dance or sing, or play the gay deceiver
F Bb CAnd though I know I’ll never be one of the true believers
F Bb CWhen my friends all let me down, don’t listen to a word I say
F Bb C FI may decide to leave this town or Stay Another Day
Bb C F Bb C F Bb C F Bb C Bb C Bb C Bb C Bb Stay Another Day, Stay Another Day, Stay Another Day
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