Colleen Ballinger – Worthy chords

Cm Dbm

[Verse 1]
DbmWalking in the dark
Eb7 EbI have no light to guide my way
Ab DbYet I feel you there
FmBeside me
Cm DbAround me
EbWithin me
[Verse 2]
Ab7 Dbm AbThe times that I've been lost
Eb7 Db EbThe days where my heart stood still
Eb7 Ab DbYou were there holding my hand
Cm Db EbAnd I knew that this was forever
Ab Db Ab Eb Ab Db With you
[Verse 3]
Ab Db Ab I keep dreaming that I'm cold
Db Gm Eb Ab DbI'm haunted by how insecure he always made me feel
Fm CmUnworthy, of his love
Db Fm Db EbAnd I find myself unworthy, of your love
[Chorus 1]
Ab Eb Gb DbI don't want to live another day without you by my side
Ab Eb GbIn you at last I've found a way to face the light and never hide
DbProtected by you
Ab Db EbLoved by you
Cm Db Ab Db AbI know that I'm now worthy
[Verse 4]
Ab Abmaj7 DbI wouldn't blame you if you left
Fm7 Eb Ab DbYou don't deserve a girl who can't even say those three words
FmFor fear of
Cm DbRejection
EbIt's stupid, I know
[Verse 5]
Eb DbPlease don't think I'm weak
Eb Ab DbI've always been the kind of girl who always doubts herself
Fm7Am I smiling
CmDid I say that
Db EbDoes he love me
[Chorus 2]
Ab Bb Gb DbI don't want my past to tell me who I am or who to trust
Ab Eb Gb DbI want to live and breathe my life, not be a slave to what's gone before
Bbm7 DbTo know myself
Ab Db EbTrust myself
EbI know that I'm now worthy
Fm7 Bm7And now it's come to this
Db EbAnd this is where I stand
Fm7 Db EbFighting with my heart, my future's in my hands
B DbIt's time to say just how I feel
A6I love you
Cm DbI love you
EbI love you
[Outro] Db Ab Db
Eb AbI know that I'm now worthy
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