Colton Haynes – Man It Sucks chords

GMan, it sucks when someone figures out your games
A EmAnd don't wanna play 'em no more
A CWe're crying in our bed and making our way to the floor
GMan, it sucks
And I don’t like when you’re staying out all night
A EmAnd never answer your phone
D CI follow you around the world just to be left alone
Em DAnd, man, it sucks
[Chorus 1]
C GMet at 21, New York streets blazing
C EmHopped a flight to the Hamptons, baby
C Em DFrom then on, I knew this would be love
G CI put up with six long years of our dirty secret
EmTried so hard, but no one could keep it
C DLate one night, I knew that love was lost
[Verse 2]
GMan, it sucks
D EmWhen you're staying up all night with a bottle of wine
D CDrunk with lonely tears, I've done that 'bout a thousand times
GWhat the fuck? Man, it sucks
Maybe it was weed
EmHigh all day and night just to make things right
D CBut your lies, they tell the truth about what you hide inside
Em DMan, it sucks
[Chorus 2]
G C EmI said I loved you despite the cheating drama
C EmI knew for years, but the truth don't come out
C Em DMaybe in the future, you’ll come around
G C EmYou never loved before, that excuse has run out
C GLike you did on me last July
Em DFrom now on, leave your messages and gooo
C G C G C Em DPlease don't come 'round here no moooore
G C G C Em C Em DDon't come 'round here no mooooooore, yeah
G D EmMan, it sucks that I'm even wasting time writing this song
But you hurt me so damn bad
A CIt's the only way that I can move on
And, man, it sucks
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