Corinna May – I Cant Live Without Music chords

| Cm | G | Bb | F | Cm | % |

[Verse 1]
GYou're my song in the morning,
Bb F Cmyou're the rhythm of my heart beat at night.
BbAnd the sound of love I hear in your voice
Ab G Fmkeeps on touching me deep inside.
BbYou are the air that I breathe,
Ebmaj7 Cmand the gentle tune of whispering trees.
Ab FmYou're the only melody that's in my soul
Gand in my mind all the time.
Cm GI can't live without music
Bb F Gonly you keep me going along.
Cm GI can't live without music
Bb F Gand the power that's deep in your song.
Ab Eb Bb EbYou're the one and only thing I couldn't do without.
Dm GMakes me wanna sing and dance and shout.
Cm AmWe can't live without music.
F DmWe can't live without music,
Git's a rainbow in the night,
E7 Amturns darkness into light,
Gbdim Git's everything we really need.
C AmWe can't live without music,
F Dm Gand if ever we lose it that's when everybody,
E7 Am Gbdimjust everybody starts getting the blues.
C(We can't live without music)
G C'Cause it's freedom to me and to you.
F GSo let the music touch your heart
Cin times when men are worlds apart,
F G'cause only love can heal the dream
Cthat's hidden in our souls.
F GAnd hand in hand we'll walk along,
E7 Am D7we'll be united by a peaceful song.
C Am Ab G CAnd we'll live all together.
Am(We can't live without music,
we can't live without music,
Ab Gwe can't live without music)
Db BbmI can't live without music,
Gb EbmI can't give without music,
Ab F7 Bbm Gdim Dband if anybody, just anybody's asking me why,
Bbmmusic makes me feel like flying,
A Gbmgives me hope when I'm a-crying,
B Gbm Db Bbm A DbI believe without it I would die ...
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