Our Twisted Fate chords with lyrics by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast – Our Twisted Fate chords

[Verse 1]

DmWe are merely pretzels
CThat is all we are
CThis woman's obsession with us
DmIs frankly quite bizarre
Bb FWe used to simply be a starchy snack that people ate
CBut now we are a symbol
A DmSuch is our twisted fate
[Verse 2]
Dm CWe've been smothered in the mustard of her quest for happiness
CThere's a lot of pressure on us
DmThis we must confess
Bb FWe didn't ask to be in charge of someone's mental state
CJust let us be some happy carbs
A Dm BbSpare us this twisted fate
F CWe've been a-salted by her yearning
Dm BbTo make her life a cogent tale
FSure it's nice to be kneaded
C ABut now the whole thing's getting stale
DmOh, can't some soft and chewy pretzels
CFinally get relief
DmWe are hurtin' from the burden of being someone's life motif
BbShe could switch to pizza bagels
FIf it's not too late
CIt's the yeast that she could do
A DmTo save us from this twisted fate
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