Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – The Darkness chords

(Verse 1)
G CIn my life I've had so many men
E AmBut there's one I come back to again and again
F DmWe've been on and off for such a long time
Dm GAnd now he's back and I'm feeling oh so fine
(Chorus 1)
FHe's the darkness
bass hand, drop from F, E, D to C My first love, my true love
FThe darkness
same as above, ending in C chord He knows me better than anyone
Am E Am DHe holds me close and whispers things that I don't want to hear
F G CWhen I feel the butterflies of dread, I know the darkness is near
(Verse 2)
G CWe met around the time I started first grade
E AmEvery summer after that we'd play solitaire in the shade
F DmOn prom night, he was the only boy I kissed
Dm GAnd when he'd visit my dorm, I'd remember how much I'd missed
(Chorus 2)
FThe darkness
same as above... droping to C His love for me is pure
FThe darkness
GHe's handsome for a metaphor
FAnd his name is Tyler
AmYeah, that feels right
FHis name is Tyler
AmHe drunk-dials me every night
CTyler, Tyler, Tyler
E AmYour kiss feels like a cut
FYou play drums and wear guyliner
GAnd your pet name for me is "slut."
G CFor so many years I've used the darkness to feel
E AmBut now there are things in my life that are actually real
F DmI gotta make a choice, darlin' don't ask me why
Dm G Dm GSo will I have the strength to tell the darkness
Dm GTo tell Tyler Darkness
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