Cursive – Art Is Hard chords


[Verse 1]
GmCut it out
EbYour self-inflicted pain
BbIs getting too routine
DmThe crowds are catching on
GmTo the self-inflicted song
EmWell, here we go again
BbThe art of acting weak
DmFall in love to fail
GmTo boost your CD sales
GmAnd that CD sells (Yeah, what a hit)
GmYou've got to repeat it
GmYou gotta' sink to swim
GmIf at first you don't succeed
D/AYou gotta recreate your misery
BbCause we all know art is hard
D/CYoung artists have gotta starve
GmTry, and fail, and try again
D/AThe comforts of repetition
BbKeep churning out those hits
D/A'Til it's all the same old shit
Gm [Verse 2]
GmOh, a second verse!
EbWell, color me fatigued
BbI'm hiding in the leaves
DmIn the CD jacket sleeves
GmTired of entertaining
EbSome double-dipped meaning
BbA soft serve analogy
DmThis drunken angry slur
GmIn thirty-one flavors
GmYou gotta' sink, gotta sink
GmGotta sink to swim
GmImmerse yourself in rejection
GmRegurgitate some sorry tale
GmAbout a boy who sells his love affairs
GmYou gotta' fake, fake, fake the pain
GmYou better make, make, make it sting
GmYou're gonna' break, break, break a leg
GmWhen you get on stage
GmAnd they scream your name
Gm D/A Bb D/C ("Oh, Cursive is so cool!") [Outro] ("Oh, Cursive is so cool!")
GmYou gotta' sink, gotta sink
Gotta sink to swim
D/AImpersonate greater persons
BbCause we all know art is hard
D/CWhen we don't know who we are
Gm D/A Bb D/C (x2) Gm/D
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