Damage – Forever chords


I'll be loving you forever A E D
Deep inside my heart you leave me never C#m D
Even if you took my heart C#m DAnd tore it apart
Bm E
I would love you still Aforever
1st verse A You are the sun C#m You are my life Bm And you the last thing on my mind E Before i go to sleep at night A Your always around C#m When im in need Bm When troubles on my mind E Put the soul at ease C#m D There is no one in this world Bm E Who can love me like you do C#m D
That is the reason that i Bm EWanna spend forever with you
repeat chorus We've had fun We've made mistakes But who'd have guessed that along that road Find More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.com We'd learn to give and take Its so much more Than i could have dreamed Cause you make loving you So easy for me There is no one in this world Who can love me like you do That is the reason that i Wanna spend forever with you chorus
Girl ill pray youll leave me never D ECause this is the world where lovers
C#m D
Often go astray Bm EBut if we love each other
C#m Bm7-EWe wont go that way
D ESo could you pull out the side
C#m DDo what is takes to make it right
BmI love you
Bm ENo one can tear us apart
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