Damh The Bard – Spirit Of Albion chords

Damh the Bard
"Spirit of Albion"

I love this song ^_^

Am G AmAn isle so fair, a isle so green, known by many names.
Am Feel the pulse, the pulse of the land,
G AmBlood boils within your veins.
D AmSomeone go down to the Holy Well and raise the Spirits there!
D GLay a feather on a stone, with a flame, and a lock of hair.
Chorus: Am The Crane, the wolf, the bear and the boar,
CNo longer dwell upon these shores,
DYou say that the Goddess and God have gone,
GWell I tell you they live on!
AmFor in the cities and hills,
CAnd in circles of stone,
DThe voices of the Old Ways,
G AmThe Spirit of Albion is calling you home!
Am From Manwydden's crashing sea,
G AmTo the moor and the Highland Glen.
AmFrom the Faerie Hills, home of the Sidhe,
G AmTo the veins of the Broad and the Fen.
DSomeone go down to the Holy Trees
Amof Oak and Ash and Thorn!
DUtter a charm in the verse of three,
GTill the Summer King is born!
------Chorus------ Am Ride the white horses carved into the hills,
G AmWalk to the Hanging Stones.
AmBow to the might of Cerne Abbass' height,
G AmFeel the peace in the Ancestors' homes.
D Someone go down to Wilmington
Amwhere the Giant guards the way!
D Step into the Otherworld, into the womb,
GWhere centuries pass like a day!
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